Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For the Queen

"Arrest him!"

I won't resist, i know it's time
I've done indeed, a terrible crime
Because her face i have seen
And in my heart lives the Queen

"Lash him!"

When the pain strikes with fear
Another, stronger, makes it disappear
They cannot hurt my body from within
Because it hurts already for the Queen

"Hang him!"

As i stare her face in glee
I see her tears falling down for me
And as i die, in a way much foreseen
All will know i've kissed the Queen

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of Purpose

Ghn: As a youngling, and later an adult, i've always seeked knowledge and spiritualism as means.

Sao: Interesting. As means to what?

Ghn: To uncovering my purpose in life. And to embracing it to achieve fulfillment for myself and others. I always envisioned this path like a deep tunnel and a light at its end, signalling achievement of a such purpose. 

Sao: Have you not found the light?

Ghn: For ages i seek d it at the end of the tunnel. And then i realised that there is no light. There is no end. Not for me. I've been the tunnel all along, for others to come through, while journeying for truth.

Sao: You have been a mentor, a guide for others to find purpose and achievement. The means which make ends for others possible.

Ghn: And so have you, for even longer than me. But haven't you ever desired a chance of a different fate?

Sao: I desired to possess wealth, glory, and status, within a social group, at one time. Yet i would often see signs which indicated how unfitted i was for such things. Ignoring these signs would render me a hypocrite. Not all are fit for the same mold. And some, are not even fit for molds. They could be Casts; a rare privilege if you ask me. Some are destined to guide; others, to be guided.

Ghn: Purpose, a branch of fate. Remarkable...

Sao: Indeed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We were walking in the alley i promised i'd take her.
A while earlier, i took her out for dinner to the most expensive place i found in town. And she loved it.
But now we were walking in the dark.
She was looking into my eyes like i was to fulfill her, until death would do us apart. But that night, she knew that something was unright.
We finally reached the spot where i planned all of this to happen.
I gently pushed her against the wall. She raised her hand to touch my face. But...

I could see questions taking shapes around the surface of her face, in raging fury.
The lights in her eyes were already fading away in the blackness of the night, like candles.
She's down, in a pool of blood.

There were no sirens that night, no police or witnesses. I took my time to hide my tracks and hide the weapon of deliverance. But i left her there, to dissolve within the mist.
She was the one for me, but the only way to have her...was to lose her.
I have killed you in cold blood. And i have lived without you ever since.

...My soul...

Monday, December 14, 2009


Once apart
Soon together
Through violent implosion
Unite, forever

Just like a war
I promise grace
Purification undeniable
Rebirth, embrace

One by one
Will sew the nether
They're just like us
Defying the never

You, and them, and me

Friday, December 11, 2009

Adagio for Loops

In such a space of unparallel embrace
Lies the thickness of a smoke
It's a trick you can't revoke
And suddently, Madness

While seeking exits and proceeding
A blockage strikes without remorse
Turn and return, my everlasting cause
And suddently, Nonsense

I can't explain,  it's much refrained
The jerked escape has come too late
But it has come none the less. Jailbreak?
Or suddently, Sadness...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Deep Forest

Within the dark of night
Throughout the blighteous light
You dragged it behind you, enchained, constrained

Upon finding this Forest
Unrest became forfeit
You bound it on a tree to end it with glee

And thus it has begged
To get spared from death
But do not yield, such evil must be killed

Why hesitate?
Its death kills your hate
The ghost you have captured, too long held you fractured

Kill it, so kill it
Such is your fate, fulfill it
And let through cold blood, your misery part

What is it you're waiting for? Kill it!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Με μια μαγκιά
Σαν τη φωτιά
Ρίξε χορό
Κλεψ' τη ματιά

Σαν ηδονή
Μεσ' τη νυχτιά
Που όλο αργεί
Που δεν πληροί

Και δεν μπορώ
Για μια πνοή
Σαν ξεψυχώ
Σ' αναζητώ

Μάγισσα μου απόκρυφη
Σεισ' τον καημό
Αναδύσου απ 'το κρασί
Γίνε ζωή, δώσ' μου ψυχή

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Η Μούσα

Με κοίταζες επίμονα στα μάτια, λες και ήθελες να με μαγνητίσεις με το βλέμμα σου για να μην κινηθώ.Σε κοίταζα με μια απόφαση που παραδόδηκε στη λογική του αδιάφευκτου τέλους.
Γύρισα να φύγω...

Δεν πρόλαβα να κάνω δυο βήματα και σε ένιωσα να με γαντζώνεις απο πίσω...
Αγγίζω τα χέρια σου που μου σφίγγουν το στέρνο. "Πρέπει να φύγω",  σου λέω.
Με σφίγγεις πιο δυνατά. Ξαφνικά ξεσπάς σε λυγμούς. "Μην μ'αφήνεις", λες...

Σφίγγω τα χέρια σου. Οι λυγμοί σου μεταβάλλονταί σε σπαραγμό...
Σχεδόν βίαια ξεδένομαι απ' τους δεσμούς των χεριών σου. Γυρίζω και σε κοιτάζω στα μάτια.
"Ξέρεις πως πρέπει να συνεχίσουμε χώρια", σου λέω. Σκουπιζω απαλά τα δάκρυα απ' το πρόσωπό σου...

"Ήρθε η στιγμή να πούμε αντίο, να με θυμάσαι δυνατό", σου λέω. Γύρισα να φύγω.
Αυτή τη φορά δέν κινήθηκες, έμεινες εκεί. Καθώς προχωρούσα σε άκουγα να κλαίς....
Μπαίνοντας στο αεροπλάνο ένιωσα ένα ρίγος. Ίσως επειδή δεν ένιωσα. 

Το ταξίδι ξεκινά, νιώθω το τράνταγμα της απογείωσης μιας καινούργιας πτυχής μου.
Κάθε χιλιόμετρο που διανύω, χάνεσαι όλο και περισσοτερο, ώσπου τελικα...δεν υπήρξες... 
Φαντασίωσή μου, δεν ήσουνα δική μου.

Έστω κι αν σ'αγάπησα στου στεναγμού τις νύχτες.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Να αποφασίσω.
Τι κι αν απ'το όνειρο της βίας δεν ξυπνήσω;

Να προχωρήσω.
Μήπως πιο αδιάλλαχτο σκοτάδι αντικρύσω;
Να σ'αφήσω.
Φαντασίας μου ορυκτό, πως να πουλήσω;

Φόβε άρνησης της λύπης μου, με ορίζεις, η σε ορίζω;

Ίσως ναι...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chips and Onion Rings

It's 12 am
I wish it was 10
The more i proceed
The less, you i keep

I'll drown it in oil
This City of tin foil
My greed will sustain
With Ketchup, the stain

I'll devour them in sloth
While embracing the loath
The chips and the rings
And sleep in oil dreams

It shall happen, as it seems

Saturday, November 7, 2009



Within Transition
Before Decision
Yet, strikes Inquisition

Cannot decide
Within reside
Unreasonable reasons outright

Fate abstract, undeniable

Yet there
Future divine, reality, regardless of time

Monday, November 2, 2009


Σείονται του εαυτού μου σωθικά
Για μια ελπίδα
Παιχνιδιού παράνομου παρτίδα

Μ'ένα τσιγάρο
Αναμένω σε ουτοπίες να σε πάρω
Σαν πυγολαμπίδα
Αμαρτία σε ήλιου ηλιαχτίδα

Με μια μπουκάλα
Στο παρελθόν γίνανε άλλα
Η δυσφορία
Χάνεται μελωδικά στη ληθαργεία

Και τότε...
Έστω για λίγο...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

224 Days of Rain

And so it went
And so it came
The clouds swarm free
Birthing rain untamed

Upon this stone
I'll sit and moan
Within such jail
Withholding frail

224 and counting, from grief to grace

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Πολέμου όνειρο

Ψες ονειρεύτηκα μεσ'το σκοτάδι το μουντό
Πως σκότωνα, αυτό που αληθινά αγαπώ
Χωρίς ερωτήσεις
Χωρίς απαντήσεις
Διαταγές εκτελουσα, χωρίς προκαταλήψεις

Και σε σκευτόμουνα, μα δεν αναρωτιόμουνα
Και χτυπιόμουνα, αλλά συνέχιζα
Και δεν πέθαινα
Μόνο σκότωνα
Και δεν ένιωθα...

Οι Στρατηγοί με εγκατέλειπαν
Για να προφτάσω, ξωπίσω τους έτρεχα
Σαν Σκλάβος
Σαν άνεργίας εργολάβος
Απλώς έτρεχα...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Distraction, abstraction
Behold the corruption

Ascension, recession
By unfinished session

Design, divine
In time


The Great Discovery

Effected people tend to:

Overestimate their capabilities. CHECK
They feel inflated self-esteem or grandiosity. CHECK
Increased alcohol consumption. CHECK
They fail to see the obvious risks involved in their ventures. PARTIAL CHECK
Making lots of plans. CHECK
Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities. CHECK
Increased interest in uncharacteristic sexual flirting. CHECK (i think?)
They wish of doing several things at once. CHECK
Decreased need for sleep. CHECK
More sensitive than usual. CHECK
They feel like taking too many responsibilities. CHECK
Increase in goal-directed activity CHECK

Diagnosis: Hypomania

Treatment: Give me a break, i'm happy to have finally discovered a name for the collective of all the above unique characteristics

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alice in Ponderland

And thus you fell
Towards this spell
Throughout the hole
To become whole

In this strange place
So much embrace
Where what you feel
Is much unreal

That's why you cry
In corners dry
The state you're in
Overflows with sin

What are you doing in Ponderland, Alice?
Snap out, snap out
Why are you still in Ponderland, Alice?
Reach out, reach out

Ponderland is not for the likes of you, Alice...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Enter madman

I know you, i know you
You know me too, don't you?
We stared the forever
Momentarily never

Want some candy? Here, have some...

These voices surround me
Above and beyond me
I can't stand the silence
I can't hold the violence

I won't kill again i swear

Insane alone
Insane together
Together: to-get-there
Ha Ha, to get where?


Help me escape
They're driving me insane
These ghosts in white
Cannot see that i'm bright

You know what i mean? yes...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Black Hole

Throughout the shatter
All matter will scatter
Imploding in fury
Enraging the jury

No light can escape
This fearful clean slate
Chance can't prevail
Escaping Fate's jail

It can't be denied
That world has now died
Accept it, accept it
This change and protect it

Ο Μέντορας

Περπατώντας σε σοκάκια πικρής αναμονής
Ταξίδεψες σε κόσμους που δεν μπόρεσε κανείς
Και εκεί ανατράφηκες απ'της βίας την πλοκή
Άντεξες καμπόσο, μέχρι που χάθηκες μεσ'τη σιωπή

Μα ήτανε μόνο η αρχή...

Διαμέσου της λευτεριάς την αποκαλυπτική αυγή
Μεταμορφώθηκες σε νοήματος ζωογόνος πνοή
Και εκεί αναπολείς καθώς θνητούς καθοδηγείς
Βρήκες το νοημα του "να ζείς η να μην ζείς;"

Έλυσες την απορία...Ζείς...

Σαν μεγάλου μήκους ζωής πάπυρου σελίδες
Οι πνοές σου λαμπυρίζουν σαν λαμπερές αχλίδες
Για ολίγους μεσ'τον κόσμο έχεις γράψει ιστορία
Καθοδήγα μας μέσα απ'του ρίγους την φοβία

Και θα γράψουμε και εμείς ένα παράρτημα...υπερ γνωσεως, και πιστεως, και αθανασιας...

Αφιερωμένο στον φίλο μου, Απόστολο

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Uncomfortably Bittersweet

Six best friends in this life remain
One holds my weight on this shoulders
Two watches over from above in care
And the rest, they listen, maybe in vain

Yet all of them are silent in restrain...

Within the core of my creation
Hope has plundered to escape
Whether it made it through or not
I've not withstood by mere imagination

Destiny divine, thwart such frustration...

The journey's been bitter
It may become sweet
Neither shall the mountain falter
Nor the flower silently whither

Don't dither...
Don't dither...

Friday, October 16, 2009

A new blog for the information seekers out there...

I have created another blog in which i will be posting various pieces of code, articles and general information regarding to technology.

Feel free to add the blog to your favorites. You can find it here:

Discord Fluctuation

Monday, October 12, 2009

X & Y

Y: What do you want
X: I want "this"
Y: But "that" won't do
X: That's what i want anyway
Y: Well that's too bad
X: Why?
Y: Because you can't have it
X: You don't have to be a fucking bitch
Y: How about you get the fuck away?
X: I'll be on my way
Y: Good to see you, have a good day
X: You too, take care

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A brief note/Σύντομο σημείωμα

I would just like to note something for all you out there who are reading my work and are interested in understanding poems which i write in another language. It would be my deepest pleasure to translate any text in English for you. Thanks, and have a great day!

Θα ήθελα να σημειώσω κάτι για τους φίλους μου, που διαβάζουν αυτά που γράφω. Πολλές φορές τα γραπτά μου είναι αποτυπωμένα σε άλλη γλώσσα. Θα ήταν μεγάλη μου χαρά να μεταφράσω όποιδήποτε κείμενο στα Ελληνικά για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται. Ευχαριστώ και Καλή σας Μέρα!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Το Ερωτικό

Μου λές πως δεν μπορείς στο μέλλον να αφεθείς. Σχεδόν δεν καταλαβαίνω, σέβομαι όμως κατανοητικά. Κοιτάζοντάς με όμως με μια αφελές επιμονή, με διαπέρασες. Έτσι διαπέρασα και'γώ στο κοντινό μου παρελθόν, με αποτέλεσμα στενές επαφές τρίτου τοίχου...
Καθώς το φιλί έδινε φωτιά στο τσιγάρο της παγερής νύχτας, παραδόθηκες, σχεδόν ολοκληρωτικά. Κοιμήθηκες στην αγκαλιά μου με μια παραπονεμένη σιγουριά. Θα μπορούσαν να είναι εικασίες όλα αυτά;

Άσε με να σου κλέψω μεσ'τη νύχτα την πνοή ξανά, να σου δείξω μέσα απ'το σκοτάδι την αυγή. Ίσως τότε να μπορέσω και'γώ να δραπετεύσω απ'του παγωμένου ονείρου μου τη φυλακή.

Αν δεν μ'αφήσεις, δεν ξέρω αν θα κοιτάξω πίσω. Και σαν η φωτιά χαθεί, το τσιγάρο αυτό θα σβήσω.

θα'τανε κρίμα...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Βγήκα λιγάκι έξω, μήπως καθαρίσει το μυαλό
Στ'αφτιά Πίνκ Φλόυντ και στα μάτια συννεφιά
Μ'αρέσει πως μυρίζει ο χειμώνας
Αλλά ότι αγγίζω δέν έχει αφή καμμιά

Γι'αυτό πήρα το μετρό, για χαλάρωση, για να σκεφτώ
Η σύντομη διαδρομή, φάνηκε σαν όνειρο μικρού παιδιού
Ακόμη μια φορά ταξίδεψα με καινούργια κιβωτό
Ήρθε όμως η ώρα για να κατέβω, έφτασα στον προορισμό

Και περπατώντας στο σταθμό σε είδα μπροστά μου και χάρηκα
Λες και για πρώτη φορά έφτασα εκεί που ήθελα
Χαμογέλαγες...Μα καθώς σαν οπτασία χανόσουνα στο βάθος...φοβήθηκα
Τρελλαίνομαι; Tρελλάθηκα;

Στα μετρό του νου μου αφήνομαι... Αφέθηκα...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Γλυκός Μάης

Άρχισε να ζεσταίνει λιγάκι ο καιρός
Μέσα μου...μια ζέστη πυρακτωδώς πιο έντονη
Δεν θα'θελα να αισθανθώ ποτέ ξανά αλλιώς
Ζώ σε μια πτυχή, φαντασιόπληκτα αδιάλλακτη

Τελευταία νιώθω πως ξεδιπλώνομαι σαν μικρού μήκους ταινία
Προωθούμαι στην υλοποίηση των σουρρεαλιστικών μου ονείρων
Ξέρω γιατί, αλλά δεν λέω, ντρέπομαι να φανερώσω την αιτία
Δέν θα παλέψω σήμερα ασφυκτικούς εμφύλιους αλλήλων

Όμως ξαφνικά, ένα στοργικό κρύο μου αγκαλιάζει τα πόδια
Τι γυρεύει η ψύχρα μεσ'το μήνα Μάϊο, δεν καταλαβαίνω
Ίσως καταλαβαίνω, μα δεν δέχομαι να ανοίξω τα μάτια
Οκτώβρης είναι, όχι Μάης...Και εσύ δέν κάνεις για μήνα ξένο

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yes, very clearly
무슨 말씀이세요

What do you need?
Δέν καταλαβαίνω...

Δέν σε πιστεύω!
Why do i not see through the words?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Euphorbia Milii

So Bittersweet
The vision's trick
It's meant to fade
Before you break

A flaming stream
Ignites the dream
Unveil the thorns
Yes, you who mourns

Release the spark
Forfeit the dark
Do, shut the past
Gain peace at last

With Strength divine
Your dream against mine
Ends with minus one line

Ghn and Sao: Of the Shells of Awareness

Ghn: I find you deeply thoughtfull this morning.

Sao: Indeed. i have been trying to group some of my thoughts into one great concept.

Ghn: Please go on, i am greatly interested in hearing. Maybe we can put it into words together.

Sao: Almost each day that passes, blesses me with a realization of a new and exciting concept. While trying to manifest a deeper understanding for it, i find myself struggling to maintain order in my mind and soul. And each time it gets even harder to do so.

Sao: That sounds really aspiring. I have to admit that i have experienced it so, myself; feeling like laying an new path of thinking about all things. Each time, the new realization is even more exciting. Yet at the same time, it grows harder to maintain a harmony of thoughts.

Ghn: Precisely. I can envision opening a small hole in the shell in which we reside, to discover a brand new world. When we manage to gain access to it, we feel amazement and fear concurrently for this new discovery. Then, again we open another small hole in this new shell, only to gain access to a bigger world. It gets progressively more exciting, and challenging. Only the strongest minds may survive this hardship, to experience such beauty.

Sao: The shell in which we live then resembles only an obstacle?

Ghn: And the hole in the shell in which we live is the path to a new awareness!

Sao: The shells of awareness...

Ghn: Fascinating...Thank you.

Sao: Thank you my friend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ανθρώποι σαν εμάς

Κούρδισα στην κιθάρα χορδές λεπίδες για να πονάω, καθώς μέσω αυτής, αγγίζω μελωδίες του ασύλλυπτου μυαλού μου. Και καθώς τα δάκτυλά μου αιμορραγούν χάνομαι σε μια καταιγίδα...τόσο φανταστική...

Πόνεσε πολύ η Μάνα μου πολύ καθώς με έφερνε στον κόσμο, λες και βγήκε απο μέσα της ένας δράκοντας, με ακόνιστα όμως νύχια, και χωρίς αρκετή τόλμη για να πετάξει. Απ'το στόμα μου όμως, απο πολύ μικρός, πάντα έβγαζα φωτιά. Υπάρχουν δράκοντες κι'αλλοι...

Ανθρώποι σαν εμάς δέν γνωρίζονται έτσι απλά και μετά χάνονται. Πολύ ηλίθιο θα'τανε αυτό. Είναι η μοίρα μας τέτοια που θα χαθόυμε μέσα σε μια φλόγα πάθους και θα βρεθούμε σε μια λίμνη αίματος. Δεν υπάρχει στην φύση μας το "Συνηθισμένο", η το "Εν τω μεταξύ", μόνο "απόλυτα" συμβάντα.

Υπάρχουν τόποι μυστικοί όπου συχνάζουνε ολίγοι, εκεί θα με βρείς και μένα. Εκεί στα σκοτάδια, αγναντεύω για φλόγες. και όταν δω μιά, είναι λες και πλάθεται το σύμπαν ξανά απ'την αρχή...Ένα θέαμα...πανέμορφο και πικρόγλυκο...

Σαν σκύλος πιστός στο όνειρο αναμένω, μπας και γίνω και γω η φλόγα που κάποιος άλλος αγναντεύει...

Και τότε ξυπνάω, η καταιγίδα έχει τελιώσει. Πάλι ονειρευόμουνα ο μαλάκας...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Είσαι ακόμα εδώ

Δεν έχεις φύγει, είσαι ακόμα εδώ
Στα χείλη σου ένα χαμόγελο παντοτεινό
Και μια λύπη συνάμα...

Η δύσκολη ζωή σου ποτέ δεν ήτανε δική σου
Ζούσες πάντα για άλλους, τέτοια θα είναι η θύμισή σου
Και τελικά στην άσφαλτο ολοκληρωτικά δώθηκες...

Καθώς σ'αυτό τον κόσμο κοιμάσαι
Θυμίσου μας όπου και να'σαι
Μαζί με τον πατέρα σου παρέα...

θείε μου αγαπητέ, όσο ήσουνα εδώ...ήτανε ωραία...
Απο εδώ κάτω, σε χαιρετάει η αυλαία
Αργά η γρήγορα, θα τα ξαναπούμε

Πανίκος Βοσκαρίδης 11/03/1954 - 09/09/2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Within the mist i find the cave where all the shadows come to pray
Along the darkness i proceed, on grief my soul with sloth shall feed

And while i sin in this inglorious dream, i'll reign supreme
A miracle divinely concealed, through keen manifestation, revealed

According to such laws of reason, i have commited grand treason
Behold, within the depths of my mind's woe, i have created God

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Το παράπονο του Προμηθέα

Ήθελα να ανοίξω τις πόρτες του μυαλού σε νέα μονοπάτια...Δες που κατάντησα...
Με καλοδέχτηκαν μάσκες με υποσχέσεις και ήξερα πως ήταν όλα ψέματα. Αλλά το έκανα...Τους έδωσα τη φωτιά μου. και τότε με δέσανε.

Γίνανε τότε οι σκέψεις δαίμονες με κοφτερά μαχαίρια και μια λύσσα για αίμα ασταμάτητη.
Σάν με βρούν αδύναμο τη νύκτα, ορμάνε να με κατασπαράξουν για ακόμη μια φορά. Είμαι όμως αθάνατος, και όταν κλείσουν λίγο οι πληγές, ορμάνε πάλι να τις ξανανοίξουν. Δεν μπορώ μονάχος να τους διώξω, γιατί κατα βάθος δεν θέλω. Γιατί ο πόνος είναι πιο γλυκός απ'την απάθεια, την έλλειψη φωτιάς που έχω δωρίσει.

θα είμαι ειλικρινής, δεν με δέσανε, μόνος δέθηκα. Αυτοί απλώς κοιτάζουν...Δέν με κρατάει τίποτα εδώ, μόνο η ανάγκη για οτι πιο κοντινό σ'αυτό που είχα...Το "τι θα μπορούσε να είναι"
Δεν με τιμωρίσανε οι Θεοί, γιατί δεν υπάρχουν. Εγώ τους δημιούργησα στη θεωρία , για να ρίχνω σ'αυτούς το φταίξιμο.

Η φωτιά που έχω δώσει όμως...είναι αληθηνη.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Corrosion, implosion, unwilling of motion
By will do compete, one thing to complete

While living forgiving the shadowed meaning
While dying denying the giving up trying

Before you're undone, do challenge the sun
Be always remembered as the unsurrendered

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sinister beauty

You stared in forfeit, already too late
Forever unbroken, reserved for the chosen

A pleasurefull sin emerged from within
A sinister strike thus chastened the fight.

Cursed you may be, for releasing such sin
Thy will's been done, i've been undone

Yet i've returned with least concern
At such dark hour, your soul i'll devour

Forever undead since that one strike
I'll mourn your loss beneath the moonlight

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the illusion of posession

Ghn: Would you like to hear a story?

Sao: Absolutely. What is it about?

Ghn: It tells about posession and how it is but a mere illussion.

Sao: Please go ahead...

Ghn: There was this rich man who owned a very fancy and expertly crafted sword. He always enjoyed to show it off to his guests. As time went by this man grew old, and after he died, the sword, now even more valuable as an antique, was passed to his son. This man also adored it very much and took care of it, and showed it off to everyone as well. Yet time caught up with him too, and after he died, it was passed to his daughter. Five hundred years later, this sword is still there, intact from the passage of time.

Sao: Is that the end of the story?

Ghn: Yes, but let me ask you a question. If all those people posessed that sword, why idoes it still exist while they're all gone? Is it possible that the idea of posession is but a mere illusion? I would say that it's a fact. None can posess fragments of the universe in which they are part of.

Sao: Elegantly narrated my friend. Seemingly, it makes more sense to say that the sword posessed all those generations of people instead.

Ghn: Indeed so.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the inevitable fate

Ghn: I cannot stop thinking of the unfairness in the world. Why does the thief steal? Why does the murderer kill? Why is such pain allowed to exist?

Sao: That is the effect of inevitable fate. All facts occur because that is their nature. There is no other route

Ghn: But what about choice? Why do people choose to be wrong against each other?

Sao: Choice? Do you believe in its existence?

Ghn: Yes

Sao: Then that, which we are composed of, also has a choice?

Ghn: I believe so

Sao: You would agree then, that the cells that make up our body, and all the molecules that make up our cells, also have a choice?

Ghn: It makes sense that they do

Sao: If those tiny beings have a choice...then do they not govern ours? Is it not clear that this goes on to ifinitely many levels of abstraction? In the end...there is only one thing that drives all. That is the inevitable fate.

Ghn: Does then, the inevitable fate itself have a choice or is it too governed by its own power?

Sao: That is a very good question.

Ghn: Are God and the inevitable fate, the same?

Sao: They are both aliases of the same concept, the universe

Ghn: That is indeed a grand concept

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the Well leading to fulfillment

Ghn: So there is a story about a young boy who fell in a deep well and couldn't come out

Sao: Thats unfortunate, what happened then?

Ghn: Something extraordinary and bizarre. The boy started digging deeper into the earth

Sao: Extraordinary indeed, i wonder why he did that instead of trying to come out.

Ghn: Do you believe a person can dig through the center of the earth and reach the backdoor to heaven?

Sao: Only if a person does not become enslaved by the warmth of the earth's core and stay there, in an eternal hell of molten lava.

Ghn: It's a risk to take indeed, no greater than trying to come out of the well as most of us would; Yet the boy chose to use his experience of falling, to follow a new path, with the hope of rising anew

Sao: So did he make it to heaven?

Ghn: We can only hope that he did

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the afterlife

Ghn: What do we become when we die?

Sao: What we were before we were born.

Ghn: And what would that be?

Sao: We shall know upon death and soon thereafter.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the meaning of life.

Ghn: Is there a meaning in life?
Sao: Absolutely not.
Ghn: Then why live?
Sao: That is a good question.
Ghn: Yet, that does not answer my question.
Sao: You can only find your answer if you're alive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Dark and bitter dream

Venom filled scream

I abolish you

Bringer of death

Usurper of wealth

I condemn you

Betrayer of time

I thought you were mine

I forsake you

There is another way

Get out of my way

I erase you

Beneath this prison

Lies golden reason

I will find it

On the undying stone

I’ll carve this pain and moan

And I will drop it in the sea

To forever burry it in me

From such prison I’ll be free

To seek the light that has been waiting…

For me

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Android

Chow Mo Wan: I once fell in love with someone. I couldn't stop wondering if she loved me back. I found an android which looked just like her. I hoped she would give me the answer.

In my fantasy, i used you
Such an excuse
To justify a truce
Finally, it was of no use...

In your fantasy you didn't use me
Careless, bondless
But without harness
And in the end, numbness

So i found a replacement
I kept asking her a question
She stared at me like pavement
I never got my pension

The years keep passing
And i'm growing older
Don't stare, my porcelain model
Because the pain keeps growing stronger

Friday, July 3, 2009

Με φτηνό ουϊσκυ

Όνειρα και λάθη
Αμαρτίες και πάθη
Δέν παίρνεις χώρο εδώ λογική
Ούτε δύναμη εσύ ψυχή

Μεσ'το σκοτάδι
Ούτε ένα χάδι
Δάκρυ, μην μου χαλάς χατήρι
Δυό παγάκια σε γυάλινο ποτήρι

Κάτω απ'της σελήνης την κραυγή
Απόχρωση χρώματος πορτοκαλί
Με φτηνό ουϊσκυ και τσιγάρο
Θα σε κλέψω απόψε απ΄το χάρο

Όνειρό μου...απέραντα μεγάλο...

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Titan

Your time is nigh
You can't be denied
Potential you hold
with Caution unfold

Unlimited care
You'll have if you dare
Your wounds i will mend
My only child, repent

My life is now yours
Provide no remorse
Together we'll fly
To heavens in the sky

My fuel and fire
Restrain my desire
My lover and friend
My Titan... Consent

And we shall rule until the end

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unholy Salvation

I remember
You shatter
Started and ended in a glimpse of motion

You're calling
I'm falling
Burns through my body like deathly fire

I'm dying
You're crying
Remove it from within me, cast away the blackness

Before death
Yield breath
Beyond this world, you hold salvation

Monday, June 8, 2009

Frozen Love

As i turn back in time
It all turns grey, but you were mine
I still can feel but it's surreal
You've let me go, through fear i'll heal

I knew you then, in that sweet dream
You burned like fire, you burned with me
But came the winter, and froze the stream
You lost your heart, we fell apart.

Someplace sometime, you'll realize what's right
Throughout the dark of night, oh lady
You've lost your will to fight

Oh let it fade...
Let it burn in dust around me
Your love has frozen me, it's too late
Take your heart and leave, just let me be

Oh my love its way to late
We came to be so much apart
Let this love in ice to fade
I've come to be alone at heart

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ο Μονόπλευρος

Μια ζωή με ξέρεις και σε ξέρω
Εσύ και γω σε όλα πάντα μαζί
Με βλέπεις πάντα που υποφέρω
Μα δεν κάνεις τίποτα, γιατί;

Για όποια απόφαση πάρω με ζαλίζεις
Για ώρες ατέλειωτες με κρίνεις και σε κρίνω
Πάντα όμως το παιχνίδι εσύ κερδίζεις
Έρχεσαι πίσω συνεχώς, και ας σε φτύνω

Σ'απεχθάνομαι, βαθειά μεσα σου το ξέρεις
Ακόμη ακατάπαυστα όμως εμένα ακολουθείς
Πως μπορείς βλέποντάς με να μην υποφέρεις;
Αίμα είσαι ασταμάτητο, αθεράπευτης πληγής

Μα πάλι πίσω σε δέχομαι
Γιατί είσαι πάντα εδώ
Γιατί με ξέρεις

Monday, June 1, 2009

73 days of Rain

When clouds turn the sky all black
You may say a storm shall strike
But when it rains without a stop
One may lose the will to fight

And so it goes for all these days
Yet still i hope for light to prevail
Let the rain fall down on my face
Let me trance away from this jail

73 and counting, from grief to grace

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reign Restless

Through fire, Desire
By will, do fulfill
This vow of prevalence
And shatter this silence

Through inaction, Destruction
Exist to persist
In seeking the flame
That cleanses from shame

Reign Restless
Such gift you bear...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Για μια στιγμή

Για μια στιγμή νόμισα πως σε είχα ερωτευτεί
Μετά όμως για της ιστορίας την πλοκή, πολλή σκέψη
Συνηδειτοποίησα μια αλήθεια προφανώς οξεία
Είρθε και ο καιρός για το ποτάμι να στερέψει

Πιστεύω...πως μια οπτασία τα μάτια κάλυψε
Αφέθηκα, βούλιαξα και αναδύθηκα μεσ'τη σιωπή
Ξανά και ξανά η οπτασία ασταμάτητα με καλεί
Μα δεν ξέρω μεταξύ εσένα και αυτής ποια είναι αληθηνή

Δεν είσουνα και ούτε θα είσαι
Η υλοποίηση της σκέψης όνειρο θα παραμείνει
Δεν είμουνα και ούτε θα είμαι
Και ας η φαντασία μου στην πραγματικότητα σε επεκτείνει

Όλα αυτά σε μιά στιγμή...
Που ίσως είναι και η ίδια...ακόμη μια οπτασία
Ας είναι, πάλι σκλάβος σου αιώνια θα'μαι
Ζωή μετά απ'το θαύμα, απερισκεψία

Εις Υγεία

Monday, May 25, 2009

Green Pearl

In the bottom of the deepest sea
In the heart of the brightest star
That's where i'll find it
Green Pearl

Will withstand the greatest defeat
One thousand wars i'll fight and live
That's how i'll earn it
Green Pearl

Yield for the light to come through
Struggle for the strength to endure
That's how i'll get to you
Green Pearl

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Concept: knowledge

Knowledge is nothing but a rock if absorbed without the experiences that lay like diamonds around it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Το τέλος της νύχτας

Με σκότωσες με μια γαλήνη
Δεν πίστευα πως είναι δυνατό
Μια μαχαιριά να δώσει ενα πόνο,
τόσο γλυκό

Θέλω να βγάλω μέχρι την αυγή
Τώρα μπορώ να συνεχίσω
Και τα χνάρια του παρελθόντος μου,
να σβήσω

Με αυτή λαούς θα κατακτήσω
Με ένα μαχάιρι κοφτερό
Αίμα πάνω στο αίμα με ορμή,
θα ξεχύσω

Και σαν έρθει πάλι η νύχτα, ας δακρύσω

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ghost city

I can't see his face, to us he's turned his back
In his left hand a sword, and in the other a gun
In 7 years i saw him come and then hastily part away
Who is he? i cant tell; my eyes are blinded by the sun

He said two words: hello and farewell
What happened in that space remains unknown
Towards him a light that breaches from the tunnel
He seems like a ghost whose path now seems shown

Neither furious wind nor blazing heat delays him
He walks steadily without remorse or pity
Deep inside i think i now understand him
He is departing from this wretched ghost city

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three Bullets

First was back when i was young
It happened before the civil war
It left a scar but not too wide
Foolish reasons people fight for...

Second happened three years after
This time though, there was no war
It knocked me senseless; i lost my laughter
And then i slept to heal my core

Six years had passed since i had slept
And i awoke in agonizing pain
A shot paid off, all the pain's debt
It was the strongest punishment I've gained

First in the leg
Second in the heart
Third in the brain

Since then stopped the pain...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009


No one rents out room 2405
For most who have came out much changed.
Its a place haunted or so they say
But i'll try it out, it's where i'll stay

Its essence calls me; it pleads me to go
So there i will fight to outlast the night
My demons and i will reach to respite
Or there they'll consume my will to seek light

I'd like to rent out room 2405
There's room for two
Would you?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dedication from Nouha

In the shadows of implied orbit
Devine will graced on his soul
A nexus for his brethren’s hearts
Cherishing the key of his aegis
The portal of his admonition

Nuclear sheath shields his acumen
But his youthful spirit prevails
His cryptic genius will seize bodies
Compassionate is he to the spirits
That he has embraced


"thanks For everything Nouha"

Coffee, Bacon, and Filthy Money

Blood and fears
Sweat and tears
And so it goes
Or so it shows

A fix of hype
Is that alright?
Maybe some wine?
With that piece of swine?

Filled the pockets
To fuel the rockets
With Dirty money
Yet still no honey

Still no honey
Still no

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Μήν ξεχνάς

Σαν περνάς απ'αυτές τις γειτονιές
Να αγκαλιάζεις θύμισες παλιές
Διαδρομές δακρύων είναι οι στιγμές
Σε ταξίδια να σε πάρουν άσ'τες, όπως κι'εμένα

Μεσ'την νύχτα την βαριά, σκιές μην κυνηγάς
Και ας κτυπάει αλύπητα ο βοριάς
Σε μονοπάτια πολυπερπάτητα, μην γυρνάς
Καινούρια μοίρα διάλεξε, άλλα πεπρωμένα

Ένα τέλος, σημαδεύει το κορμί
Μα μια νέα αρχή την ψυχή καθοδηγεί
Μην ξεχνάς, έστω και αν ήμαστε θνητοί
Δέν υπάρχει στην καρδιά τέλος κανένα

Αφέσου σε ταξίδια ονειρεμένα
Μα μην ξεχνάς...και ας πονάς

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Μήν χαραμίσεις την αυγή

Απ΄το όνειρο ξαφνιάστηκα
Ένας κρύος ιδρώτας
Στο σώμα κυλούσε ασταμάτητα
Ίσως φταίει του καημού η σιωπή
Που δακρύζει πολεμώντας

Μιά φωνή με ξύπνησε
Ένας Ήλιος, ένα Αγέρι
Με πήρε ξαφνικά απ'το χέρι
Δεν λέω όχι αυτή τη φορά
Τυφλά ακολουθώ αυτό το αστέρι

Δεν παύει ούτε στιγμή
Να μου μιλάει αυτή η φωνή
Ψεύτικες σκιές να μήν ακολουθώ
"Μήν τους ακούς", μου λέει
Τελιωμό δεν έχει η ψυχή

Με κάθε στίχο μιά πνοή
Κι'ας με βρεί πάλι βαρύ το πρωί
Αρκετό είναι να ζήσεις μιά στιγμή
Στης ζωής την αδυσώπητη μανία
Θα ξέρεις πως δεν χαράμισες αυγή

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Invidia Beluaque: How the Brute beat the Wind...

The coming of this battle was inevitable
The Brute would not accept defeat
Envy by someone else's side?
Today, one will live, and one will die

The Brute burned like fire
The wind pushed without remorse
But the stronger fire burns
More fuel from the wind it gets

They fought for days and nights
And bled, but still kept going
Neither one would finally subside
Both desired Envy by their side

She was watching from a distance
Hoping that Brute's fire would fade
But her thoughts were in vain
Fate had other plans in mind, and pain

In a brief pause during the fight, the Brute said:
"If i can't have her, neither will you"
And with a fury that burned through his lust
He ran towards Envy, to kill her with a thrust

The wind rushed behind him
But could not catch up, for he was wary
In an instant there was thunder
And she was down in blood and blunder

That is when the wind had seized
And fled to her, his love to save
But he was late, the snow turned red
And there she lay, soon to be dead

The Wind weeped beside her in pain
The Brute turned his back and left them behind
One lost his soul and the other his heart
That's how the Brute tore the Wind apart

Envy and the Brute
Conclusion finally at hand

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


At the Brink of destruction
Through the chasm of corruption
One may perish or break free
From the illusion of mortality

We're used to taking for granted
Things and states of grandeur
Failing to see that we have been
Blinded by tricks of destiny

In the final steps towards despair
One may take the leap and dare
To question things that make no sense
And find a place among the universe

At the top of the highest mountain
Lies an everlasting fountain
To cleanse yourself from this pollution
You must drink and reach conclusion

A state...of resolution

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Dream of the Raven

I see a child and a black turmoil sky
And a tree, no, two trees wavering in the wind
There's also Children on those trees, they're playing
They're playing with death, so why can't he?

As this child closely approaches
He feels awed, for he too wants to play
Don't do it kid, away from them you must stay
Yet he gets closer and starts climbing the tree

Don't play with he ravens boy
You're not made the same as the other children
I fear for your sake, your need of a feeling
Hear me out; don't climb that tree

He keeps climbing, with a smile on his face
And reaches out, innocently the ravens to touch
At first they seem friendly but there's a catch
They'll steal his soul within the night

Then came descent, through fatal discontent
The first raven he tried to touch
Zealously attacked to take his life
And now he's falling through the eternal night

While lying helpless on the ground
The light was slowly fading away from his eyes
He lay there, until darkness took his life
Underneath the black and heartless sky

Why could they, while he could not?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Σαν σκιά

Σαν σκιά μες'τις σκιές
Χωρίς μιλιά η αναπνοή
Προβάλλει η αυγή ξανά σάν χθές
Προσεκτικά, μπάς και απότομα φανερωθεί

Ούτε μια λέξη δέν θα πεί
Της πήρε την μιλιά ο πόνος
Απ'το στόμα η σκέψη δέν θα βγεί
Αδίστακτος ήτανε ο δολοφόνος

Αύριο όμως η αυγή ξανά θα βγεί
Την ψυχή ο πόνος δέν της πήρε
Την έκανε άθελά του, πιό λαμπρή
Και στις σκιές την θέση τώρα βρήκε

Σαν σκιά μες'τις σκιές
Σήμερα, χθές

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Trade with the Devil

A long, long time ago in hell

A trade between two, secretly was made

And this simple man that I have known

To the devil he gave his soul away

The devil seemed extremely pleased

For he thought he got himself quite a deal

What he had not realized until too late

Was that he blindly traded away his zeal

The devil then felt cheated

For many souls he already had

From a simple man he got defeated

And forever bounded his self with this pact

The man he begged to undo the deal

But such power is not easily surrendered

Forever unbroken had become the seal

The trade was made, the Devil submitted

A long, long time ago in heaven

A trade between two, publicly was made

And this simple man that I have known

To God he gave his zeal away...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The dream, the city and a kiss

There's a time when we awake
And decide our dreams to finally fulfill
Our grim past then try to forsake
Yet things may be unfinished still

You have risen, are now detaching
The ghosts that nurtured you, you're letting go
A new beginning you may seek; it's astonishing
But not before carrying out this goal

Some things you won't, yet some you'll miss
Nonetheless change is inevitable
One thing remains and it's a kiss
The one which makes one's struggle bearable

And it it will be Unforgettable

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodnight princess

So I've been thinking...
Thinks have been tough for the past year or so.
And sooner or later I'll have to go
It's kinda difficult to express
All these thoughts in my mind; it's a mess

I've been drinking...
I can't really tell whats on your mind
It's like you 're preventing me to find...
The true you
There's only one thing left for me to do

You've been dreaming...
And I'm past that point; no more lies
I have no strength to fight for butterflies
Sorry baby; i cant call you again
It's now your turn to seize the pain


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inside the Wise Man's cave

And as unlikely as it may have seemed

In the end i decided to take that trip

This Wise Man exists, for in his realm i have been

Too much with my eyes closed I've seen.

Five years have passed since i found his cave

I struggled to reveal the secret he was keeping

I furiously begged him, my wretched life to save

Yet unwilling he remained, like a motionless wave

Five years I'd spent in the darkness of his lair

Madness consumed me, I'd lost my mind

For what i was going through, he did not seem to care

And i fell in a trap of endless despair

Until one day he opened the door wide open

And guided me out of the cave with care

In an instant flash his secret was revealed

I saw the light of day again, and i felt healed

Five years I'd spent in his cave

And for the first time a word he uttered

"Live" he said, and then he smiled

I then knew that that's all that mattered

Now I've returned, this story with the world to share

For I've seen death and made it back alive

His secret i had known before i went to find him

I'm sure you know it too, you've been carrying it with you

Friday, April 17, 2009

Of how the prey may become predator, and vice versa. Pt II

Genetics, Environment, Willpower

You are bound by them, yet... that does not mean that you are ultimately defined to follow a straight line until the end of your life. Pausanias really knew what he was talking about when he said "γνῶθι σεαυτόν" or "know thyself".

How well do you understand your body, its good/bad traits? How do you see yourself in the universe as a whole? Do you at all?

Did you ever wonder why you have a specific character, obsessions, needs? How did you come to be? where are you going? Who are you?

Have you ever wondered what willpower may be? Have you ever doubted yourself only to strengthen it?

Can you distinguish yourself from the rest? Do you thing you're unique? Why? How?

Answering such questions may seem as naive as asking them, yet there is always the drive for the challenge, and the reward of knowing more about yourself. Remember...Questioning does not always give you the answer you want to hear, and ofter will not. Yet you may still find some that make everything else meaningless.

Do you want to alter your appearance, body type? How? What are your options? Are you willing to sacrifice time for it? WHY?

Would you go somewhere new to enrich your experiences? How about a different country? WHY?Why not?

Would you change your ways?

Why do you want to become the predator? Why the prey? Is this what you want or what you need? Maybe there is something in between?

There are countless ways to ask... I wish i could find the answer for all of us. I am nonetheless writing this huge text of wall for whoever is seeking answers to make changes. I you have already started asking, know that its a hard path to follow, with lots of surprises, and by no means an easy task to accomplish. It's quite impossible to solve all these problems ahead, because each time a new one is solved, another is discovered.

Socrates once said: "If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher"

The above quote is a piece of art. Replace the word "wife" with anything as valuable, and you'll see that philosophizing is the result of not getting what you want. BUT what if you become a philosopher before you seek the good wife, car, good anything and everything?

I believe that this is where this Subject stops. I am in no position of answering questions that apply for everyone. I can only ask them. The title might have been misleading since i used the words "how", "prey", "become", "predator", yet i have provided one answer for that question

Q: How can the prey become predator, and vice versa?

A: Know thyself

Genetics, Environment, Willpower
Understand them, embrace them, enhance them


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of how the prey may become predator, and vice versa. Pt I

Preface: The material below is clearly theoretical and based on personal experience. If you see similarities in another book, i assure you it us pure coincidence:) Other than that, enjoy and leave comments!

Remark: Words in bold, signify the relativity of their meaning according to the reader.

Like every human being on this planet, you and i are born with certain traits. Some may be considered good, some bad, or neutral, depending on the social network we live in. By traits i mean physiological, psychological and metaphysical. In my opinion a person is prey if he/she does not meet the criteria of a predator; Aggressiveness, impulse, being opinionated, with raw idealism, and most importantly: guts to carry all those out without fear of criticism or rejection. The predator rules. The prey subsides. It's an interchangeable cycle of life where possibility may alter those two in such a way so that their roles become completely reversed. In this life i believe that between human beings, deer can hunt lion. If you think the above statement insane, please restrain yourself from reading further.

Throughout my life I've come to the conclusion that three basic factors have an enormous effect on humans and their behavior.

a) Environmental---------(Psychological,Physiological, Metaphysical)
b) Genetic------------------(Physiological, Psychological, Metaphysical)
c) The Willpower factor-(Metaphysical, Psychological, Physiological)

Notice that each factor has a primary effect (but is not limited to) but affects the other two as well. Color signifies strength of effect from red (strongest)to yellow (weakest)

Environment is (but not limited to) what shapes our personality, strengthens or weakens our body and resolve, sharpens our mind, and builds self esteem. It's the people we have interacted with while growing up, the place we grew up at, and the facts that have altered our physical/mental form. As time passes, less and less we become influenced by the environment, since our ability to absorb is minimized constantly by every day life/routine. Environments shape people from the time they are born, (and/or even before then), and until they die, (and/or even after). But lets not get into that for now:)

An example:
Compare how different a person's personality is, who grew out in the wild compared to a person who grew up in a big city of millions. I would expect the former to be rough, physically stronger, maybe more direct and certain of some decisions, and...old fashioned:). This person would not like to waste time doing things of no practicality. On the contrary, the latter is probably more educated, more insecure, with lots of unanswered questions, and the tendency to spend time doing things that the former considers "a waste of time":)

Genealogy is undeniable. As much as we may try to change it, our options are very limited. This is what mostly defines your physical form, which then also affects your mental character and the willpower factor. It has been scientifically proven that emotions are controlled by bodily functions, and if for example you've been sensitive, insensitive, muscular or'll always be, unless something ultimately phenomenal happens to you. You have been born this way, whether you like it or not.

An example:
If "A" feels physically unattractive because he was born like this, his options are limited for his appearance to change (even though this is changing fast by modern genetic science). This fact may make him feel less motivated. He is most likely going to have feelings of low self esteem, because in his social network, he will not be successful. His success is very relative though, for he may be using the wrong tools to be successful. He has probably developed the ability to see through people, for this is how he wants to be seen. His inner beauty is far superior than his outer.

On the contrary, "B" who is really handsome, is more likely to have strong willpower because he gets all the attention, and feels at ease with himself. Yet that may blind him from seeing through the physical things in life. Yes, a materialist. "B" is risking to never get to know someone as more than the physical form. His inner beauty is not even close into comparison to his outer one. yet as we grow old...Looks fade, and what remains is memory, and emotions.

There's more into a human being than genes, yet it is mysterious. The good news are that everyone has that something mysterious; How to cultivate it is the question...

Willpower is the majestic, unknown force that drives us to do leaps of faith. Some people have a lot of willpower, some not. I personally have fought with the dilemma of whether willpower exists or not, and being unsuccessful in deciding which view to believe, I've come to just accept it as the mysterious force. Willpower is what seems to drive people in making the most impossible things possible. I've seen it happen with others, and with me. People of weak willpower usually give up their big dreams and compromise with less, or with what makes them momentarily comfortable. They don't fight their fears. they give up to the hardships of life. And there exist those who don't. Environment and Genealogy greatly affect the amount of willpower a person has, and vice versa, yet in this case the influence of the former two factors do not define willpower ultimately.

For example: "C"grew up in a loving environment of a great family and wealth. She received proper education and always had a person help when times were rough. "C" is also healthy and that allows her to do all sort of things a healthy person can do.
On the other hand, "D" was raised by her single mom. She never met her dad, thus grew up with less, and went through more hardships in life. Sometimes she had no one to help when she was in need. On top of that she has not received much education, and has a bad immune system. She gets sick often. Let's compare these 2 girls. Do you think they have the same/similar willpower to move on for something better in life? Surely not. Their genealogy and environment have surely affected their willpower, but have they defined their future? I would think not. No one can say for sure who will succeed or not, for willpower may be unbound from laws of the known universe as we know it.

With some basic background on these three basic behavioral factors we may proceed deeper into how a person may realize their change and become more in control of them. I'll gather my thoughts together and write a Pt II asap.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Που δέν έχω γράψει ποίηση στα Ελληνικά
Μιά μέρα θα το κάνω
Για την Πατρίδα δηλαδή, όχι για κανένα άλλο λόγο
Γιατί αξίζει να βάζω τόνους κι'άς γράφω πιό αργά

Όταν γίνω διάσημος και κάνω πολλύ χρήμα
θα ασχοληθώ περισσότερο με τον Ελληνισμό
Και καθόλου λιγότερο με την Κύπρο μου
Αφού εκεί βρισκονται ολα για τα οποία ζώ

Αλλα τώρα χρειαζόμαστε και αναγνώστες ξένους
Που μας αποκαλούν και πολλές φορές...
Παράνομους εξωγήινους
Τέλος πάντων...

Invidia Beluaque (Envy and the Brute)

They were lovers at one time
But it was meant to quickly fade
For he was day and she was night
Yet he thinks of her while in the shade

Never there was hope for them to last
For the spark cannot exist one sided
No skill or talent could surpass
The first sight that came uninvited

Envy left without a trace
The Brute was hit, the blood was spilled
She’d always dreamed of that one face
Unfortunate as it may be, it wasn’t his

Wind was his name and he was free
The one that stole Envy’s heart
And together they rode away in the spring
Like nothing existed in the past

She thinks of Brute from time to time
But he remains as a memory
He wished he’d be the one to last
But there she was, riding with the wind

Envy and the Brute

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Meaning of Life

If you are here looking for means you are not ready to accept it even though it is all around you. My answer will be of no use. Just be true and one day it hopefully will come to you. You will know it's it because then nothing else will matter.

Divine Intervention

On the verge of going insane
An angel appeared and called my name
She said: "What are you trying to do?"
And i replied: "To handle truth"

"Don't despair, Life's not fair" she said
"No Dream you'll live if you don't dare"
But then i said: "What would you know?"
"Angels know not of lack of care"

Compassionately she smiled, then said:
"Such truth that you seek shall bring forth misery
If your sanity you are to keep, Let slip
One lifetime is not enough, to fool intricacy"

And with a look that passed through me like thunder
She took away all my blunder
She spread her wings and waved goodbye
And then i knew... "I'm still alive"

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Handful of Words and a Painting

A Handful of Words and a Painting
Are all that remain to liberate the spirit
Through a journey not so entertaining
One may breathe and find a meaning

A whisper of secrets and a passion
Can lead to deliverance, the journey’s end
No more may a negligible distraction
This endless lust temporarily to mend

A sign of Revelation and achievement
A handful of words and a painting


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The way i see it #76

"The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life"

By Anne Morriss

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is how i fight

No matter how hard I try
I'd always come to be the same
Denying one's nature is unright
But that's what leads us all to fame

While looking up the starry sky
I let out a scream, a cry
Why our humanity this beauty does deny?
Never could I deny it, though furiously I tried

Much time I've spent in glazing of daring
I risk being shattered in places of trouncing
Whether it is or not outright
This is how I fight
It's just how I fight

At the Wreck inn

A double whiskey on the rocks
My woman has left me
I think she’s been cheating
My life is so hectic
I can’t find the meaning

A double whiskey… on the rocks
I’m about to get fired
My boss doesn’t like me
And I feel so damn tired
To get by, so much is required

A double…whiskey…on the rocks
I can’t stand this migraine
And fish smell is all over
Barman, make it go away, the pain
Oh by the way, I forgot my wallet

A double......

Friday, March 20, 2009


While covered in plate armor
None may glimpse his face
He bows to no law or control
Is part no more, of any race

Legends say, once he was human
But darkness consumed him
Then his ill-fated soul forsaken him
The weak he preys, with a lust inhuman

They now call him fallen
But he deems to be chosen
This world to cleanse
From veracity and sense

From town to town
From place to place
He seeks to destroy
The world he’d embraced

And none he’ll let to glimpse his face
For he has come to be disgraced

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Discord Fluctuation

Fire and thunder
Darkness and blunder
All clutter together
Afflicting the nether

No value for reason
Or trial for treason
The folly here subdue
All things apparently true

Terrifying it is to doubt
That the truth to be espied
Is held by a horror…
that cannot be denied

A Ridicule’s Comedy pt I

Sire! The walls are besieged

The men are all sleeping

Women and children are weeping

Awake, Awake, my lord you’ll be killed!

How dare you awake me!

It’s very futile from your part to disturb me

What is this war mongering that you utter?

Go now, and bring me bread and butter

My king to you I am urging

If this enemy from our city we are to forsake

Swiftly do prepare; our people seek protection from your care

Hastily we must abolish this harm which is emerging

-Worry not my servant, I am finally awake; this Keep no enemy shall take

- Bring me my armor!

My Lord, your armor is too heavy!

-Then without it I shall fight; Devoid of its weight I shall be light

-Bring me my sword!

My King, you have no sword!

-Then with a stick I shall castigate them, and from my yard, remove them

-Ridicule them I will, and finally get back to sleep