Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The way i see it #76

"The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life"

By Anne Morriss

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is how i fight

No matter how hard I try
I'd always come to be the same
Denying one's nature is unright
But that's what leads us all to fame

While looking up the starry sky
I let out a scream, a cry
Why our humanity this beauty does deny?
Never could I deny it, though furiously I tried

Much time I've spent in glazing of daring
I risk being shattered in places of trouncing
Whether it is or not outright
This is how I fight
It's just how I fight

At the Wreck inn

A double whiskey on the rocks
My woman has left me
I think she’s been cheating
My life is so hectic
I can’t find the meaning

A double whiskey… on the rocks
I’m about to get fired
My boss doesn’t like me
And I feel so damn tired
To get by, so much is required

A double…whiskey…on the rocks
I can’t stand this migraine
And fish smell is all over
Barman, make it go away, the pain
Oh by the way, I forgot my wallet

A double......

Friday, March 20, 2009


While covered in plate armor
None may glimpse his face
He bows to no law or control
Is part no more, of any race

Legends say, once he was human
But darkness consumed him
Then his ill-fated soul forsaken him
The weak he preys, with a lust inhuman

They now call him fallen
But he deems to be chosen
This world to cleanse
From veracity and sense

From town to town
From place to place
He seeks to destroy
The world he’d embraced

And none he’ll let to glimpse his face
For he has come to be disgraced

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Discord Fluctuation

Fire and thunder
Darkness and blunder
All clutter together
Afflicting the nether

No value for reason
Or trial for treason
The folly here subdue
All things apparently true

Terrifying it is to doubt
That the truth to be espied
Is held by a horror…
that cannot be denied

A Ridicule’s Comedy pt I

Sire! The walls are besieged

The men are all sleeping

Women and children are weeping

Awake, Awake, my lord you’ll be killed!

How dare you awake me!

It’s very futile from your part to disturb me

What is this war mongering that you utter?

Go now, and bring me bread and butter

My king to you I am urging

If this enemy from our city we are to forsake

Swiftly do prepare; our people seek protection from your care

Hastily we must abolish this harm which is emerging

-Worry not my servant, I am finally awake; this Keep no enemy shall take

- Bring me my armor!

My Lord, your armor is too heavy!

-Then without it I shall fight; Devoid of its weight I shall be light

-Bring me my sword!

My King, you have no sword!

-Then with a stick I shall castigate them, and from my yard, remove them

-Ridicule them I will, and finally get back to sleep

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wise man

Rumor has it, there’s a cave in China

Where an old man lives and a secret very dear he keeps

So, on my very next trip that’s where I’m going,

His secret to unravel, this mystery to solve, of marvel

Some say that in my imagination only he exists

And there’s no such secret that he faithfully keeps

But I don’t believe them, let their prejudice en-shade them

Yeah, on my very next trip that’s where I’m going,

What could his secret be? I’m awed by inscrutability

And where exactly is this cave, can anyone enlighten me?

And how does the old man look? What is his personality?

On my next trip, is it where I should be going?




Monday, March 9, 2009

29 poems in one month?

Well i didn't write all of them this month. It's more of a collective work over the years, and i just discovered this site, so why not post them all at the same time?
So i did...
The reader will notice a dark, gritty atmosphere in most of these poems. I guess that's the style i prefer the most when it comes to expressing ideas and concepts; Hollow, medieval environments with lots of creepy monsters and crazy , haunting people. A friend suggested that i should write lyrics for a death metal band...maybe i should...or not.
A lot of concepts are covered withing these poems. A lot of science, philosophy, some comedy/satire too. I usually place more than one moral lesson in each poem, often left to the reader to decide what it should be; relativism is very common in here. Some of these poems also have followups/sequels because just one kinda felt unfinished. As i usually say...more words here could be superfluous. I hope that you enjoy all the stuff i put up here, and that you criticize them in any possible way you can imagine!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dragon Lady

For a glimpse, I glared at the sun
In one look, such blinding beauty
This glimpse I’d like to repeat, one more time
Who will you be in 6 years, dragon lady?

Such innocence in the landscape of your face
And within your spirit lies the key…maybe
Your simplicity calms the beast of my embrace
Where will you be in 6 years dragon lady?

Suddenly I realize that you’re here
Tension increases, the pulse is unsteady
As your presence towards me draws near
Who is on your mind dragon lady?


Laws that rule such beings alike

Hold with strength and definite foresight

No error may come from a universe of bonds

For unbreakable it rules in a bubble amongst loads

Erroneously I may verse this all surrounding truth

It’s a weakness and a gift; blunder, the heritage of youth


Yet no matter what is now and what is yet to come

This visage comes and goes; tears balance apart

Neither knowledge nor wisdom may foresee

Such power lies not in our eyes to perceive

A surprise that’s always welcome to reheat

A piece of the universe that’s frozen undersea


A part where miracles may be.




Here, have a seat, listen, can you hear it?


Winds of whisper, raindrops of glister

Covering the view of the seemingly true


You’re sitting on your chair shaking in despair

Because you can’t really see through you




Relative views from last year’s class sections



Chances lost, gone through like glances

Dancing in your mind in beats relentless

Entrapping you in the past

Withholding dawn from dusk

Rending you senseless




New clothes, stocks, and granite made mansions

Crafted from the minds of imaginative actors

Who impersonate gracious contractors


Those actors…I envy them I do. You see I’m like you

And I’m positive that what I say is true.

But wait…I am… you.



Time and space

You keep on waiting for a time and space

To fill your self with joy and grace

To patterns of humanity you bow

It’s quite obvious in your face


Lanterns of numbness show signs of light

But to realize the darkness you must open your eyes

Blinded by misconceptions you deny the fight

You can’t see the blunder and the lies, it’s unright


Things repeat themselves unnecessarily

Just because we allow them to be

Or that it’s convenient to believe

In facts of a raw simplicity


It would be hard for you to conceive

That what you believe is really the key

To a distant unreal reality

But my place is not to tell you where to be


Just be




The window

The chill lies ahead

The warmth goes on unfelt

It's winter...


Skies above picture the dark and it’s amusing, yet somewhat confusing.

It's snowing...


Outside this window life blossoms

In colors of white, grey and black,

But what happens inside is unknown;

From outside not much can be seen, or shown.


Is there life, inside? Is there color?

Where you stand you cannot tell, you're unsure

Because bad weather is covering the view

There's life inside, it's true


Suddenly it’s raining; and there's thunder...

In a flash of light you are able to see

Someone gazing with fear and wander

Such passion in one look, yet also despair...


How do you feel now, is it fair?

Yes, turn around and carry on because you're scared

To see through that window is hard with care

But there's life inside; I swear.

The valley of shadows


In the valley of shadows I now lie

Alone I was left there in soreness to die


Since you won’t come and save me

At least come and say good bye


No Person here to talk to

Confusion everywhere


My mind pleads for an escape

But my body asks to where?


Darkness comes and darkness goes

The sun here won’t ever shine


So I’m hiding in the shadows of the night

Where your hands cannot touch mine


And as the time will move and spin

Still here you’ll find me, in darkness and sin


Waiting in despair for wonders to come

And hoping for miracles, like that the sun will for a moment shine.


In the valley of shadows I will still lie

Until you one day come and say goodbye


And if you do, come here for the last time

The sun for once will gracefully shine

And with one last breath, I will say 3 words

and then I’ll die.  

The Throne


My body has weakened, my strength lies thin

No longer can I fight this nightmare from within

Many fold I have repaid the debts of sin

Your journey may now begin.


It has not been your option to lead;

Neither was mine

Yet foundations you've received;

They should last through the timeless time

My Prince...

The throne is now yours

Have the courage...

To lead us home

The Throne: Succession


My King…

What your eyes have seen

No man could possibly endure

From our kingdom and our kin

You’ve kept away the sin


My King…

Matters of fate cannot be chosen

Your guidance will sustain

A soul that’s to remain

Like a column ever unbroken



You may now rest assured

Let your wretchedness be cured

You have my vow it won’t be long

Until I finally lead us home

The phoenix

Hot to the touch, Cold to the stare

By permission only you gain entry in her lair

Yields strength divine, beauty enough to blind


This is no ordinary being, no maiden to compare

To reach her takes endless deeds

But don’t despair


Command the wind, may he lend you his speed

Gather will from the demons of the sea

Burn hotter than fire, control the unrestrained desire

Tame the earth, May you muster her strength


And then you may get a chance

To stand before her and entreat


Unless you deceive

For although it seems obvious to foresee

This creature is not as fearsome as you were ought to believe.

The gap between duality

An eternity of un-trust

A journey of never-ending lust
In this truth-finding quest

Satisfaction none to quench your thirst


The walls draw near, struggling to close the tear

But there’s a force preventing

With wrath unrelenting

It works in ways mysterious, and unclear


Shall you get mangled in the gap

You may lose sense of either tense

Self contradiction and despair

Will imprison reason in the tear


No hope of salvation lies there

Just darkness and fear

And a governing impression of surreal


May you not be in the gap when the walls draw near

The Cup

Like an overfilled cup

Or a dried drop of rain

No more can fill the space

For there is none; you may try in vain

So much a mind may contain


I think not that the universe exists

In one person’s brain

Each being has different ways

To explore this world and gain

Experience of joy and pain


Spill your half into another cup

Share your mind with beings alike

Gently guide through words and actions

Absorb all sorts of perceivable reactions


Then spill your half

Into yet another cup

The confused writer

I was sent to conquer the world

With pen and paper

Each day a new war wages

The damn book won’t surrender


As long as I recall

Sometimes I rise, some I fall

It’s after all, the nature of war

What’s this reason I’m fighting for?


It may be eternal life

But what I see to be unfair

Is that some do not earn their right

In the eternal forever


What did the McDonalds fries do, to deserve it more than ever?


Flocks of sheep among wolves

Flocks of wolves among sheep

No matter how I express this verse

It still lies within uncertainty


I was sent to conquer the world

With pen and paper


Which sucker sent me to do it, I wonder…

The bird

Across the distant shore, I can see it flying

It can barely hold on but it's trying

Wind is rough, the rain is tough

But so is the will


Odds are against the race, the test

But it quickens the pace

Why does it go on, why not give up

Why don't you fall, you proceed to accomplish what goal?


This gift has separated you from the rest

Or has this curse

Yet you journey, towards some home, some nest


Know that for me you’ve passed the test

Even though on the ground you are now lying…

Without a breath

The Alternatives

Stripped of the will
In urge to fulfill
A quench for desire
That blazes like fire

Choices are limited
Most are prohibited
By those who are filled
With lies and deceit

Surface and breathe
From your underwater keep
Escape is imperative
You have been used
As the alternative

Peace before the storm

There’s peace before the storm

Earth may sleep until next dawn

For what may come lies uncertain

Soon will be time to pull the curtain

The enemy approaches, appears relentless

Only the insane will resist this madness

Take fire and take steel, repel this wickedness

Beyond the dark of night, let not pass malevolence

Take heed, the walls have been breached

To arms, the end is at hand

Behold, the enemy finds defeat

Alas, for we have reached the dawn

By the insane, the battle has been won

Get out of the Box

Get out of the box

Get out of the box

Get out of the box

You’re still in the box


Get out of the box

You’re still in the box

Get out of the box

You’re still in the box



You’re still in the box

You’re still in the box

You’re still in the box

Get out of the box

My cruiser cycle

I have this cycle and she’s my baby

Always with me, eager to fulfill

A journey to someplace in full speed

She knows my faults and I know hers

But whatever comes our way she’ll be there

Never before had I seen such care

We ride together from dawn till dusk

If she complains then I’ll stop

Never, we had to quarrel about such stuff

From the front glass of the store I see my baby

She’s all pretty and dressed up, waiting for me

But I can’t ride with her, I’m unable

For I don’t have a cruiser cycle

And she’ll never be my baby


It stroke like a senseless dream

In a glimpse your life passed you by in a stream

Blood boils hot, your anger strikes God

Why him

In such a brief amount of time

You’d found peace in heart and mind

This loss may take a lot away

But let not yourself get lost in the fray

To move on you’ll have to fight

Words are easy but you know what’s right

Live your life as if he’s still here

Because he is here

And so are your friends



Lonely Star

He tries too hard

To mend his broken heart

In alleys of dark recall

And beaches made of stone


An earth transformed

In a reality postponed

By a feeling of distress

And a loop of wretchedness

Such is his home…


He tried too hard

To assimilate himself in par

To those who rule by number

In hope of a joyous thunder

Such was his blunder…


Please keep trying endlessly

To earn your throne rightfully

Somewhere sometime in a place

And live until your end with pride

Honor your makers with grace


You are no less in the human race

Walk with a steady pace I’ll hold your hand

Like an eternity ago when we were young.

Until our time here is done


She’s overwhelmed by desire

In her core, passion burns like fire


Her entity acts like a bridge where connections may be 

Her mind is free; her will lets it be


In her spirit rests restlessness


Her shield is her discipline

Her sword is her faith 


Unbreakable she may be, for she is free

Mount Hope

One last day before I die

I’d like to give it one last try

There’s a place I need to go

A grim task it is, to climb mount hope

That place is unforgiving they say

It’s where people go, their sins to pay

That is my ultimate goal

But for my sins to pay I have no gold

One day before I die

I’d like to give it one last try

And blow the god-damned mountain up

So that it will be easier to get to afterwards

And there’ll be no sins to pay for, anymore


Through the ages may come wisdom

Experience could yield reason

In whichever reality fulfillment may be

Order and chaos seem of equal possibility


Thoughts abstract haunt in places dark

Words unspoken with a connotation broken

A sentence could be formed or even more

But for reasons nameless they have meaning none


A scream that’s voiceless, vociferous, arousing

Late it is to undo the wheel of suffering

Alas that these ominous days…

Should be yours


The young perish and the aged linger

In paths of old with superfluous recall


Without a soul








From glimpse to glimpse

From spark to spark

In urge to unravel

A meaning at last


Some moments I treasure

With remarkable fervor

It’s as simple as can be

Yet I fight with complexity


From thoughts to acts

From acts to facts

I struggle for meaning

A reason worth living


In a world undefined

How does one expect to find

Fulfillment and truth…

It all comes down to you


Wherever you may be

You’ve been expecting me

In a form or another

In this universe or other


Eternally drifting

In the sea of forbearing

Momentarily thinking

Such fight is worth daring


It’s where I stop wandering

Between Worlds: The gate revisited; Bliss

The ill dream is fading

Bounds of sin are now breaking

Awaken and behold

Rewrite what’s been foretold


Under clouds of dust

Through foundations of rust

The key has now been found

The soul may not become unbound


Endure; the key that you now possess

Can unlock a cure to your distress

Arise; a new age has come

Render your dark fate undone


In such a reality transposed

The key has finally been disposed

Controls are consecutively broken

This gate needs not to be opened


The cycle is complete; the soul may now be free

Between Worlds: the Gate revisited: Horror

Across the other side you can hear them coming

Crackling sounds emerge by a pressure overwhelming

How long the gate will last cannot be told

Choices are illicit; lone one fate shall unfold


The key was lost; still lies unfound

Yet greed slides through in ways profound

Unimaginable may be the evils to surface

Imprisoned they have been by horrible embrace


Behind the gate Legions gather

Demons of the past strike with ravenous lust

The gate is soon to shatter

The present will belong to a blood covered past


All one may do is stare in wonder

Will you be taken away over yonder

Or consumed by what you locked away

On the other side of that gate in the fray


The gate is almost torn asunder…

Between Worlds – The gate

The gate is closed the key is lost

Decisions taken, at maybe a great cost

But no more running through these worlds

For its been shown, the path of thoughts


Sustain they will, the existence that now sleeps

Alternatives that complete, some of endless needs

Until the time comes for ends or beginnings

Shall the key be found or the soul become unbound


Closing doors which lead to greed

Setting controls that will safe keep the need

Until the end has truly come

And either how, the soul shall be free.

Between Worlds

Darkness is consuming

Light is overwhelming

From these two, the first my soul desires the most


A huge gate that leads to a place

A friction that allows not my feet to displace

Desire, burns like fire


A dream makes reality untrue

Laws of the world useless may be

Suddenly I fly


But like a circle I turn and return

This gate I behold again and admire

Passion lies beyond any measure of desire


A step could bring light so why not rush in

Darkness sustains, light sets free

To cross this world I cannot while in chains


Because my soul chooses darkness

For it sustains


It’s coming its coming

I can hear the waves, they’re splashing

Razor Sharp, turmoil black

Are the rocks we’re waiting on, tonight


Thunder’s on the overcast sky

Blackness lets light not pass by

A blinding thunder rejoices

An obscure amount of choices


This burden is transforming

An apocalypse approaching

A beginning’s end is engulfing

A truth that’s truly astounding


A change is due

For struggle to endure

A darkness to unravel

Possibilities of marvel


Terrified yet assured

That the end this earth will cure

You are next to me in fear

But to me it all seems clear


I have known you for many years

Some you’ve different, some the same

Who are you and why are you in fear

And why does this dreadfulness seem so clear


Let this not be real

A Self’s Paradox

Cross the infinite gap
Between yourself and you
Since it is likely to reveal
Questions covered and skewed

People are watching, hoping, and walking
Towards some truth related to you; or so you think
Being humane is in our nature’s domain
Let it not lead to your dismay

While walking the path of the future to come
Pain and suffering could have you undone
By experience you may gain resilience
Through this chasm, fulfillment is a chance

Shall you take the challenge...

From the side across, stare and compare
It’s no reflection, no indication of your minds manifestation
Seeing yourself waving goodbye with care
Means that you’ve passed the dare
You’ve won the race, and selflessly joined the human race