Monday, March 9, 2009

29 poems in one month?

Well i didn't write all of them this month. It's more of a collective work over the years, and i just discovered this site, so why not post them all at the same time?
So i did...
The reader will notice a dark, gritty atmosphere in most of these poems. I guess that's the style i prefer the most when it comes to expressing ideas and concepts; Hollow, medieval environments with lots of creepy monsters and crazy , haunting people. A friend suggested that i should write lyrics for a death metal band...maybe i should...or not.
A lot of concepts are covered withing these poems. A lot of science, philosophy, some comedy/satire too. I usually place more than one moral lesson in each poem, often left to the reader to decide what it should be; relativism is very common in here. Some of these poems also have followups/sequels because just one kinda felt unfinished. As i usually say...more words here could be superfluous. I hope that you enjoy all the stuff i put up here, and that you criticize them in any possible way you can imagine!


  1. Καλωρίζικο το blog σου φιλούι μου..