Sunday, March 8, 2009


It’s coming its coming

I can hear the waves, they’re splashing

Razor Sharp, turmoil black

Are the rocks we’re waiting on, tonight


Thunder’s on the overcast sky

Blackness lets light not pass by

A blinding thunder rejoices

An obscure amount of choices


This burden is transforming

An apocalypse approaching

A beginning’s end is engulfing

A truth that’s truly astounding


A change is due

For struggle to endure

A darkness to unravel

Possibilities of marvel


Terrified yet assured

That the end this earth will cure

You are next to me in fear

But to me it all seems clear


I have known you for many years

Some you’ve different, some the same

Who are you and why are you in fear

And why does this dreadfulness seem so clear


Let this not be real

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