Sunday, March 8, 2009

The valley of shadows


In the valley of shadows I now lie

Alone I was left there in soreness to die


Since you won’t come and save me

At least come and say good bye


No Person here to talk to

Confusion everywhere


My mind pleads for an escape

But my body asks to where?


Darkness comes and darkness goes

The sun here won’t ever shine


So I’m hiding in the shadows of the night

Where your hands cannot touch mine


And as the time will move and spin

Still here you’ll find me, in darkness and sin


Waiting in despair for wonders to come

And hoping for miracles, like that the sun will for a moment shine.


In the valley of shadows I will still lie

Until you one day come and say goodbye


And if you do, come here for the last time

The sun for once will gracefully shine

And with one last breath, I will say 3 words

and then I’ll die.  

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