Sunday, March 8, 2009

The window

The chill lies ahead

The warmth goes on unfelt

It's winter...


Skies above picture the dark and it’s amusing, yet somewhat confusing.

It's snowing...


Outside this window life blossoms

In colors of white, grey and black,

But what happens inside is unknown;

From outside not much can be seen, or shown.


Is there life, inside? Is there color?

Where you stand you cannot tell, you're unsure

Because bad weather is covering the view

There's life inside, it's true


Suddenly it’s raining; and there's thunder...

In a flash of light you are able to see

Someone gazing with fear and wander

Such passion in one look, yet also despair...


How do you feel now, is it fair?

Yes, turn around and carry on because you're scared

To see through that window is hard with care

But there's life inside; I swear.

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