Sunday, April 12, 2009

Invidia Beluaque (Envy and the Brute)

They were lovers at one time
But it was meant to quickly fade
For he was day and she was night
Yet he thinks of her while in the shade

Never there was hope for them to last
For the spark cannot exist one sided
No skill or talent could surpass
The first sight that came uninvited

Envy left without a trace
The Brute was hit, the blood was spilled
She’d always dreamed of that one face
Unfortunate as it may be, it wasn’t his

Wind was his name and he was free
The one that stole Envy’s heart
And together they rode away in the spring
Like nothing existed in the past

She thinks of Brute from time to time
But he remains as a memory
He wished he’d be the one to last
But there she was, riding with the wind

Envy and the Brute

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