Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inside the Wise Man's cave

And as unlikely as it may have seemed

In the end i decided to take that trip

This Wise Man exists, for in his realm i have been

Too much with my eyes closed I've seen.

Five years have passed since i found his cave

I struggled to reveal the secret he was keeping

I furiously begged him, my wretched life to save

Yet unwilling he remained, like a motionless wave

Five years I'd spent in the darkness of his lair

Madness consumed me, I'd lost my mind

For what i was going through, he did not seem to care

And i fell in a trap of endless despair

Until one day he opened the door wide open

And guided me out of the cave with care

In an instant flash his secret was revealed

I saw the light of day again, and i felt healed

Five years I'd spent in his cave

And for the first time a word he uttered

"Live" he said, and then he smiled

I then knew that that's all that mattered

Now I've returned, this story with the world to share

For I've seen death and made it back alive

His secret i had known before i went to find him

I'm sure you know it too, you've been carrying it with you

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