Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of how the prey may become predator, and vice versa. Pt I

Preface: The material below is clearly theoretical and based on personal experience. If you see similarities in another book, i assure you it us pure coincidence:) Other than that, enjoy and leave comments!

Remark: Words in bold, signify the relativity of their meaning according to the reader.

Like every human being on this planet, you and i are born with certain traits. Some may be considered good, some bad, or neutral, depending on the social network we live in. By traits i mean physiological, psychological and metaphysical. In my opinion a person is prey if he/she does not meet the criteria of a predator; Aggressiveness, impulse, being opinionated, with raw idealism, and most importantly: guts to carry all those out without fear of criticism or rejection. The predator rules. The prey subsides. It's an interchangeable cycle of life where possibility may alter those two in such a way so that their roles become completely reversed. In this life i believe that between human beings, deer can hunt lion. If you think the above statement insane, please restrain yourself from reading further.

Throughout my life I've come to the conclusion that three basic factors have an enormous effect on humans and their behavior.

a) Environmental---------(Psychological,Physiological, Metaphysical)
b) Genetic------------------(Physiological, Psychological, Metaphysical)
c) The Willpower factor-(Metaphysical, Psychological, Physiological)

Notice that each factor has a primary effect (but is not limited to) but affects the other two as well. Color signifies strength of effect from red (strongest)to yellow (weakest)

Environment is (but not limited to) what shapes our personality, strengthens or weakens our body and resolve, sharpens our mind, and builds self esteem. It's the people we have interacted with while growing up, the place we grew up at, and the facts that have altered our physical/mental form. As time passes, less and less we become influenced by the environment, since our ability to absorb is minimized constantly by every day life/routine. Environments shape people from the time they are born, (and/or even before then), and until they die, (and/or even after). But lets not get into that for now:)

An example:
Compare how different a person's personality is, who grew out in the wild compared to a person who grew up in a big city of millions. I would expect the former to be rough, physically stronger, maybe more direct and certain of some decisions, and...old fashioned:). This person would not like to waste time doing things of no practicality. On the contrary, the latter is probably more educated, more insecure, with lots of unanswered questions, and the tendency to spend time doing things that the former considers "a waste of time":)

Genealogy is undeniable. As much as we may try to change it, our options are very limited. This is what mostly defines your physical form, which then also affects your mental character and the willpower factor. It has been scientifically proven that emotions are controlled by bodily functions, and if for example you've been sensitive, insensitive, muscular or not...you'll always be, unless something ultimately phenomenal happens to you. You have been born this way, whether you like it or not.

An example:
If "A" feels physically unattractive because he was born like this, his options are limited for his appearance to change (even though this is changing fast by modern genetic science). This fact may make him feel less motivated. He is most likely going to have feelings of low self esteem, because in his social network, he will not be successful. His success is very relative though, for he may be using the wrong tools to be successful. He has probably developed the ability to see through people, for this is how he wants to be seen. His inner beauty is far superior than his outer.

On the contrary, "B" who is really handsome, is more likely to have strong willpower because he gets all the attention, and feels at ease with himself. Yet that may blind him from seeing through the physical things in life. Yes, a materialist. "B" is risking to never get to know someone as more than the physical form. His inner beauty is not even close into comparison to his outer one. yet as we grow old...Looks fade, and what remains is memory, and emotions.

There's more into a human being than genes, yet it is mysterious. The good news are that everyone has that something mysterious; How to cultivate it is the question...

Willpower is the majestic, unknown force that drives us to do leaps of faith. Some people have a lot of willpower, some not. I personally have fought with the dilemma of whether willpower exists or not, and being unsuccessful in deciding which view to believe, I've come to just accept it as the mysterious force. Willpower is what seems to drive people in making the most impossible things possible. I've seen it happen with others, and with me. People of weak willpower usually give up their big dreams and compromise with less, or with what makes them momentarily comfortable. They don't fight their fears. they give up to the hardships of life. And there exist those who don't. Environment and Genealogy greatly affect the amount of willpower a person has, and vice versa, yet in this case the influence of the former two factors do not define willpower ultimately.

For example: "C"grew up in a loving environment of a great family and wealth. She received proper education and always had a person help when times were rough. "C" is also healthy and that allows her to do all sort of things a healthy person can do.
On the other hand, "D" was raised by her single mom. She never met her dad, thus grew up with less, and went through more hardships in life. Sometimes she had no one to help when she was in need. On top of that she has not received much education, and has a bad immune system. She gets sick often. Let's compare these 2 girls. Do you think they have the same/similar willpower to move on for something better in life? Surely not. Their genealogy and environment have surely affected their willpower, but have they defined their future? I would think not. No one can say for sure who will succeed or not, for willpower may be unbound from laws of the known universe as we know it.

With some basic background on these three basic behavioral factors we may proceed deeper into how a person may realize their change and become more in control of them. I'll gather my thoughts together and write a Pt II asap.



  1. Kαλό Πάσχα καλέ μου
    Με ή Χωρίς τσουρέκι!!!

  2. Completely agree with how our environment shapes us, especially our personality, which you described by the psychological factor.
    Interesting point that many people tend to ignore, but that is so important to look at when we are looking for certain answers...
    It's amazing how the mind and body respond to the outside world.