Friday, April 17, 2009

Of how the prey may become predator, and vice versa. Pt II

Genetics, Environment, Willpower

You are bound by them, yet... that does not mean that you are ultimately defined to follow a straight line until the end of your life. Pausanias really knew what he was talking about when he said "γνῶθι σεαυτόν" or "know thyself".

How well do you understand your body, its good/bad traits? How do you see yourself in the universe as a whole? Do you at all?

Did you ever wonder why you have a specific character, obsessions, needs? How did you come to be? where are you going? Who are you?

Have you ever wondered what willpower may be? Have you ever doubted yourself only to strengthen it?

Can you distinguish yourself from the rest? Do you thing you're unique? Why? How?

Answering such questions may seem as naive as asking them, yet there is always the drive for the challenge, and the reward of knowing more about yourself. Remember...Questioning does not always give you the answer you want to hear, and ofter will not. Yet you may still find some that make everything else meaningless.

Do you want to alter your appearance, body type? How? What are your options? Are you willing to sacrifice time for it? WHY?

Would you go somewhere new to enrich your experiences? How about a different country? WHY?Why not?

Would you change your ways?

Why do you want to become the predator? Why the prey? Is this what you want or what you need? Maybe there is something in between?

There are countless ways to ask... I wish i could find the answer for all of us. I am nonetheless writing this huge text of wall for whoever is seeking answers to make changes. I you have already started asking, know that its a hard path to follow, with lots of surprises, and by no means an easy task to accomplish. It's quite impossible to solve all these problems ahead, because each time a new one is solved, another is discovered.

Socrates once said: "If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher"

The above quote is a piece of art. Replace the word "wife" with anything as valuable, and you'll see that philosophizing is the result of not getting what you want. BUT what if you become a philosopher before you seek the good wife, car, good anything and everything?

I believe that this is where this Subject stops. I am in no position of answering questions that apply for everyone. I can only ask them. The title might have been misleading since i used the words "how", "prey", "become", "predator", yet i have provided one answer for that question

Q: How can the prey become predator, and vice versa?

A: Know thyself

Genetics, Environment, Willpower
Understand them, embrace them, enhance them


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