Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Dream of the Raven

I see a child and a black turmoil sky
And a tree, no, two trees wavering in the wind
There's also Children on those trees, they're playing
They're playing with death, so why can't he?

As this child closely approaches
He feels awed, for he too wants to play
Don't do it kid, away from them you must stay
Yet he gets closer and starts climbing the tree

Don't play with he ravens boy
You're not made the same as the other children
I fear for your sake, your need of a feeling
Hear me out; don't climb that tree

He keeps climbing, with a smile on his face
And reaches out, innocently the ravens to touch
At first they seem friendly but there's a catch
They'll steal his soul within the night

Then came descent, through fatal discontent
The first raven he tried to touch
Zealously attacked to take his life
And now he's falling through the eternal night

While lying helpless on the ground
The light was slowly fading away from his eyes
He lay there, until darkness took his life
Underneath the black and heartless sky

Why could they, while he could not?

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