Thursday, May 7, 2009

Invidia Beluaque: How the Brute beat the Wind...

The coming of this battle was inevitable
The Brute would not accept defeat
Envy by someone else's side?
Today, one will live, and one will die

The Brute burned like fire
The wind pushed without remorse
But the stronger fire burns
More fuel from the wind it gets

They fought for days and nights
And bled, but still kept going
Neither one would finally subside
Both desired Envy by their side

She was watching from a distance
Hoping that Brute's fire would fade
But her thoughts were in vain
Fate had other plans in mind, and pain

In a brief pause during the fight, the Brute said:
"If i can't have her, neither will you"
And with a fury that burned through his lust
He ran towards Envy, to kill her with a thrust

The wind rushed behind him
But could not catch up, for he was wary
In an instant there was thunder
And she was down in blood and blunder

That is when the wind had seized
And fled to her, his love to save
But he was late, the snow turned red
And there she lay, soon to be dead

The Wind weeped beside her in pain
The Brute turned his back and left them behind
One lost his soul and the other his heart
That's how the Brute tore the Wind apart

Envy and the Brute
Conclusion finally at hand

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