Friday, June 26, 2009

My Titan

Your time is nigh
You can't be denied
Potential you hold
with Caution unfold

Unlimited care
You'll have if you dare
Your wounds i will mend
My only child, repent

My life is now yours
Provide no remorse
Together we'll fly
To heavens in the sky

My fuel and fire
Restrain my desire
My lover and friend
My Titan... Consent

And we shall rule until the end

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unholy Salvation

I remember
You shatter
Started and ended in a glimpse of motion

You're calling
I'm falling
Burns through my body like deathly fire

I'm dying
You're crying
Remove it from within me, cast away the blackness

Before death
Yield breath
Beyond this world, you hold salvation

Monday, June 8, 2009

Frozen Love

As i turn back in time
It all turns grey, but you were mine
I still can feel but it's surreal
You've let me go, through fear i'll heal

I knew you then, in that sweet dream
You burned like fire, you burned with me
But came the winter, and froze the stream
You lost your heart, we fell apart.

Someplace sometime, you'll realize what's right
Throughout the dark of night, oh lady
You've lost your will to fight

Oh let it fade...
Let it burn in dust around me
Your love has frozen me, it's too late
Take your heart and leave, just let me be

Oh my love its way to late
We came to be so much apart
Let this love in ice to fade
I've come to be alone at heart

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ο Μονόπλευρος

Μια ζωή με ξέρεις και σε ξέρω
Εσύ και γω σε όλα πάντα μαζί
Με βλέπεις πάντα που υποφέρω
Μα δεν κάνεις τίποτα, γιατί;

Για όποια απόφαση πάρω με ζαλίζεις
Για ώρες ατέλειωτες με κρίνεις και σε κρίνω
Πάντα όμως το παιχνίδι εσύ κερδίζεις
Έρχεσαι πίσω συνεχώς, και ας σε φτύνω

Σ'απεχθάνομαι, βαθειά μεσα σου το ξέρεις
Ακόμη ακατάπαυστα όμως εμένα ακολουθείς
Πως μπορείς βλέποντάς με να μην υποφέρεις;
Αίμα είσαι ασταμάτητο, αθεράπευτης πληγής

Μα πάλι πίσω σε δέχομαι
Γιατί είσαι πάντα εδώ
Γιατί με ξέρεις

Monday, June 1, 2009

73 days of Rain

When clouds turn the sky all black
You may say a storm shall strike
But when it rains without a stop
One may lose the will to fight

And so it goes for all these days
Yet still i hope for light to prevail
Let the rain fall down on my face
Let me trance away from this jail

73 and counting, from grief to grace