Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the inevitable fate

Ghn: I cannot stop thinking of the unfairness in the world. Why does the thief steal? Why does the murderer kill? Why is such pain allowed to exist?

Sao: That is the effect of inevitable fate. All facts occur because that is their nature. There is no other route

Ghn: But what about choice? Why do people choose to be wrong against each other?

Sao: Choice? Do you believe in its existence?

Ghn: Yes

Sao: Then that, which we are composed of, also has a choice?

Ghn: I believe so

Sao: You would agree then, that the cells that make up our body, and all the molecules that make up our cells, also have a choice?

Ghn: It makes sense that they do

Sao: If those tiny beings have a choice...then do they not govern ours? Is it not clear that this goes on to ifinitely many levels of abstraction? In the end...there is only one thing that drives all. That is the inevitable fate.

Ghn: Does then, the inevitable fate itself have a choice or is it too governed by its own power?

Sao: That is a very good question.

Ghn: Are God and the inevitable fate, the same?

Sao: They are both aliases of the same concept, the universe

Ghn: That is indeed a grand concept


  1. one curious, more fluid the other leaning solid, mentor and learner, both far from arrogance, compassionate spirits which always comply in shared truth.. its like Ghn gets the attributes of Sao at the endings. subtly beautiful

  2. Its your comments that are beautiful. And to my great surprise, unlike others who read my writings, you really understand what you read.

    Thank you