Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the Well leading to fulfillment

Ghn: So there is a story about a young boy who fell in a deep well and couldn't come out

Sao: Thats unfortunate, what happened then?

Ghn: Something extraordinary and bizarre. The boy started digging deeper into the earth

Sao: Extraordinary indeed, i wonder why he did that instead of trying to come out.

Ghn: Do you believe a person can dig through the center of the earth and reach the backdoor to heaven?

Sao: Only if a person does not become enslaved by the warmth of the earth's core and stay there, in an eternal hell of molten lava.

Ghn: It's a risk to take indeed, no greater than trying to come out of the well as most of us would; Yet the boy chose to use his experience of falling, to follow a new path, with the hope of rising anew

Sao: So did he make it to heaven?

Ghn: We can only hope that he did

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