Friday, August 14, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the illusion of posession

Ghn: Would you like to hear a story?

Sao: Absolutely. What is it about?

Ghn: It tells about posession and how it is but a mere illussion.

Sao: Please go ahead...

Ghn: There was this rich man who owned a very fancy and expertly crafted sword. He always enjoyed to show it off to his guests. As time went by this man grew old, and after he died, the sword, now even more valuable as an antique, was passed to his son. This man also adored it very much and took care of it, and showed it off to everyone as well. Yet time caught up with him too, and after he died, it was passed to his daughter. Five hundred years later, this sword is still there, intact from the passage of time.

Sao: Is that the end of the story?

Ghn: Yes, but let me ask you a question. If all those people posessed that sword, why idoes it still exist while they're all gone? Is it possible that the idea of posession is but a mere illusion? I would say that it's a fact. None can posess fragments of the universe in which they are part of.

Sao: Elegantly narrated my friend. Seemingly, it makes more sense to say that the sword posessed all those generations of people instead.

Ghn: Indeed so.


  1. Την καλησπέρα μου

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