Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ghn and Sao: Of the Shells of Awareness

Ghn: I find you deeply thoughtfull this morning.

Sao: Indeed. i have been trying to group some of my thoughts into one great concept.

Ghn: Please go on, i am greatly interested in hearing. Maybe we can put it into words together.

Sao: Almost each day that passes, blesses me with a realization of a new and exciting concept. While trying to manifest a deeper understanding for it, i find myself struggling to maintain order in my mind and soul. And each time it gets even harder to do so.

Sao: That sounds really aspiring. I have to admit that i have experienced it so, myself; feeling like laying an new path of thinking about all things. Each time, the new realization is even more exciting. Yet at the same time, it grows harder to maintain a harmony of thoughts.

Ghn: Precisely. I can envision opening a small hole in the shell in which we reside, to discover a brand new world. When we manage to gain access to it, we feel amazement and fear concurrently for this new discovery. Then, again we open another small hole in this new shell, only to gain access to a bigger world. It gets progressively more exciting, and challenging. Only the strongest minds may survive this hardship, to experience such beauty.

Sao: The shell in which we live then resembles only an obstacle?

Ghn: And the hole in the shell in which we live is the path to a new awareness!

Sao: The shells of awareness...

Ghn: Fascinating...Thank you.

Sao: Thank you my friend.

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  1. these 'to the point' conversations with your self? are much enjoyable, with this one being a favorite, half because I relate most to. "I have been trying to group some of my thoughts into one great concept"- well my friend, poetic prophecy fulfilled!