Monday, October 19, 2009

Enter madman

I know you, i know you
You know me too, don't you?
We stared the forever
Momentarily never

Want some candy? Here, have some...

These voices surround me
Above and beyond me
I can't stand the silence
I can't hold the violence

I won't kill again i swear

Insane alone
Insane together
Together: to-get-there
Ha Ha, to get where?


Help me escape
They're driving me insane
These ghosts in white
Cannot see that i'm bright

You know what i mean? yes...


  1. -"Trick or treat, or you die",
    said the ghost inside my mind..."

    Και με αυτήν την πρώτη μου στροφή στα αγγλικά,
    καλώς σε βρίσκω στο δικό σου μπλοκ:)

  2. χεχε

    Καλώς σε βρήκα και καλώς όρισες!