Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We were walking in the alley i promised i'd take her.
A while earlier, i took her out for dinner to the most expensive place i found in town. And she loved it.
But now we were walking in the dark.
She was looking into my eyes like i was to fulfill her, until death would do us apart. But that night, she knew that something was unright.
We finally reached the spot where i planned all of this to happen.
I gently pushed her against the wall. She raised her hand to touch my face. But...

I could see questions taking shapes around the surface of her face, in raging fury.
The lights in her eyes were already fading away in the blackness of the night, like candles.
She's down, in a pool of blood.

There were no sirens that night, no police or witnesses. I took my time to hide my tracks and hide the weapon of deliverance. But i left her there, to dissolve within the mist.
She was the one for me, but the only way to have her...was to lose her.
I have killed you in cold blood. And i have lived without you ever since.

...My soul...


  1. It's not the soul, it's the sensitivity.

    I know, I've been there, too.

    Happy Holidays Ath


  2. @ επι λεξει
    @ Nina
    Maybe so, but maybe not. Time will tell. With 3 shots though, i doubt she'd have survived. Actually...i don't care:) Its time now for other things

    happy holidays:)