Monday, February 15, 2010

Barbarian King

Legends speak of one great King
He was Barbarian, a warrior within
With such might he reigned supreme
But how did it all begin?

It is said that he furiously desired
A small city to conquer, so he could found his tribe
Yet, the city would not fall
What would he do, the mightiest warrior of all?

With the few that followed like brothers
He waged war against all others
One by one they bowed in his presence
But, what of the small city and its essence?

No matter what he did or try
His passage through the walls was always denied
The "Almost" Conqueror of the world could not proceed
Since one city remained, disallowing him to succeed

You see, he mistakenly assumed
That through his conquests, this city he'd consume
But never he could ravage the greatest beauty he had seen
Because there he was born and raised to be a King

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Light on Clark and Division

Inside a machine
Completely unexpected
Unquestionably appeared
What i had requested

Miraculously impossible
Yet in front of my eyes
But unable still, to act
I Cowardly froze like ice

It happened to just be 
From all times and places
A harmonic momentum
With a force that displaces

I caught a glimpse
At least inside my head
I saw a missing piece
My fear again, was dead

Triad of Four

One:  Determination Divine

Two: Bulletproof in Time

Three: Cover up the Flaws

Four: Soldier for the Cause

Five: Cheat these Laws